Sixtine "Six" Nymphea

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Sixtine Nymphea

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Sixtine "Six" Nymphea

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 Lazy , naive , loyal and mentally unstable.

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No age play

No bestiality

No permanent damage (can be discussed)

No death


Back Story

Sixtine was a spoiled army brat that grew up on a army base in Europe, where her stepfather was in command.


The child of a hard-working American stepfather and a Dutch mother who did not have much time to invest in Six, but they gave her everything her heart desired.


Destined to step in her stepfathers footsteps to pursue a military career, her parents signed her up in the military academy on the base. Being not the sharpest tool in the shed and too lazy to study, she lied and cheated her way trough her education years, leaving her plenty of time for partying and to hang around with her jet set friends who shared her decadent lifestyle.

On the rare occasion when she did not get what she demanded from her parents, she manipulated one of the lesser popular students to steal or buy it for her. She was known to cause trouble more then often at the academy, but after one phone call from daddy, everything was solved.


After her father was dishonourably discharged for reasons unknown, they moved to New Orleans, where the family fell into a life of poverty. Sixtine, who was used to wealth and popularity was struggling with her new lifestyle. She barely spoke the language and was not accepted by the students at her new school.


In the projects where they lived, she met her boyfriend Curtis who introduced her to a world of crime, violence, gangs and drugs. To escape the life she was thrown into, she started to use more and more drugs and grew an addiction to amphetamines, XTC and cocaine. It was also there that she got sickly obsessed with the occult.


At age 23 she was was rushed to the emergency room after taking a lethal cocktail of narcotics and liquor. She survived, but was placed into a mental institution for rehab and further examination. The doctors there diagnosed her with issues of abandonment, anger, anxiety (social), apathy, attention seeking behavior, authority issues, Borderline, chemical dependency, compliance, depression, detox, eating disorder, family issues, general suitability, impulsive, lesbianism, lying, medical suitability, occult, PTSD, relationship difficulties, rejection, self-harm, self-esteem issues, sexual promiscuity, stealing.


During rehab she started to chat with a girl from a place called Wrong Turn City. After many long nightly hours of chatting she started to fall in love with this girl she only knew as" hotgrl06 ".


In one of her impulsive moods she stole Curtis his car, packed her clothes and laptop, typed in the address she acquired from her online love interest in the GPS and set off for a 3 day drive, direction Wrong Turn, pursuing the love of her life.


When arriving exhausted and tired at her destination, all she found there was a empty plot. Heartbroken and realizing what she had done, she became aware that there was no way back this time. After thinking over her next move, she drove a few towns back and sold the car to a chop shop. She hopped on the first Greyhound back to Wrong Turn, used the money to rent and furniture a place at Goon Street.


Although quite naive and easy tricked herself , she is a master manipulator and compulsive liar with no sense of empathy.


More a follower then a leader, she is very loyal for as long if she can benefit from it, but the minute the heat gets to hot, she would not hesitate to betray and stick a knife in to someone’s back.