The Rules for RP Engagement

Rules for entering the role-play area

This is a human only adult sim, so the following are not permitted in the role-play area of the sim.


  • Furry creatures (Whether biped or not)
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Anime or other cartoon characters
  • Superheroes
  • Wizards, witches or warlocks
  • Fairies, elves or other supernatural creatures
  • Child Avatars (Since this is an adult themed city, a ban will be enforced and your account will also be reported to Linden Labs without warning)
  • Characters which generally look out of place in an urban sim, e.g. a medieval character or a star wars character etc.


Flying is not permitted anywhere in the sim, anyone caught using Firestorm's or any other viewers fly over-ride feature will be banned without warning. Flight is disabled by default, this in itself will not allow an 'I didn't know' argument.


Nudity is not permitted in public areas of the city, you can get away with this if you are using a prostitute in some dark alleyway, but you may get arrested if caught and will be expected to follow that role-play through.


No walking slaves around on a leash in public areas, although this type of role-play is permitted in the sim, it should be kept to private areas, as it would be in real life.


No assuming role-play ownership or management of a certain property without consent of the sim owner or a senior admin.


Rules for conduct

I do not believe that political correctness has any place in role-play, so the following is permitted in character.

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • Heterophobia
  • Bullying
  • Any anti-social behaviour that would otherwise be frowned upon in real life.


However, if any of the above are committed by anyone in an out of character context, the person(s) responsible will be banned from sim forever, should evidence be provided to support the complaint.


Role-play Weapons

Weapons are permitted provided they are:

  • In keeping with an urban scene.
  • Regsitered with the local police station, where a record will be stored.
  • Not too script heavy, although given no meters are in place, not scripted at all is more ideal.


Permitted legal weapons:

  • A handgun or sidearm
  • A Shotgun


You are permitted to carry an unregistered or illegal weapon, however, should your character be caught carrying an uregistered or illegal weapon, you must accept that he/she may be arrested and spend some time behind bars.


Role-play Vehicles

Vehicle licenses are available at the Vehicle Licensing Agency, just down from the diner. The cost of a Vehicle License is L$120 per week. Even if you are renting a home, you will still need a separate license for a vehicle. If you wish to leave your vehicle on display when you are not on sim, it is recommended where possible with a modifiable vehicle, to create an unscripted version to leave out, by removing all the scripts. Not all vehicles are modifiable, in that instance, you are permitted to still leave your vehicle out, however if you are not on sim and there is a problem with lag, it will get returned to your inventory by myself or an admin. If that happens, just use "restore to last position" when you are next in the sim and it will reappear where you last left it.


Rules on Death

Dead is dead! A city full of danger, is bound to result in the occasional death. Should your character die, you must report this to me or an admin, because there is no coming back from the dead. Though you are free to create a new character to return to Wrong Turn City with, that new character is not permitted to die. I will not encourage people who want to indulge their snuff fantasies. Should you be found to be creating multiple characters for such role-play, you will be banned from the sim.


Clubs and gangs

I have no desire to control what gangs or clubs exist in Wrong Turn City. If you want to create a motorcycle club, go ahead and create one, if you want to create a street gang, go ahead and create one. The only time you will need my permission, is, if you want said club or gang to lay claim to certain area of the sim or a certain venue. You are free to create a group pertaining to your club or gang, there are no rules for creating a group pertaining to Wrong Turn City clubs or gangs, provided the group does not in any way break the general rules of the sim.

Fundamental Rules of Role-play


Just the basic rules for role-play conduct

  • Do not Power-play, the only exception to this rule is in an RLV type situation whether RLV attachements are used or not, it must be by mutual consent and never assumed.
  • Do not Meta-game.
  • Do not interrupt someone elses roleplay with out of character chatter.
  • If looking to join in an ongoing role-play, post yourself in at an appropriate time, don't just barge in, wait and see the posting order.
  • Whenever making an out of character statement, enclose it in (( )) to be clear you are doing so, but try to limit out of character chatter to instant messages, where possible. Obviously if there is nobody else around and all parties have agreed they are chatting out of character, this does not matter.
  • Avoid having cliques, one of my pet hates in role-play sims is when a group of people will choose to ignore new comers, so try to be inclusive of anybody who wishes to role-play. Even if your characters are not compatible for role-playing together, you can use role-play to make that clear, opposed to just ignoring a character and making the role-play themselves feel unwelcome.
  • Doors - if a door has access locked to the tenant, you must not cam in and sit on furniture to bypass access. Doors of residents who have chosen not to have an access list, have agreed for home invasion role-play to take place. Should you invade someone's home and they are not there, send them a notecard explaining what you have done and what evidence you may have left behind, just in case they should wish to file a police report.


Rental Rules

Generally speaking each rental box contains a notecard with the rules, but here is an outline

  • No breedables
  • Respect your neighbours
  • Respect the privacy of your neighbours, do not cam in on their activities
  • Decoration is provided as is, no editing rights will be given to buildings. With the exception of motel rooms and other guest locations, you can create faux walls against any wall, so you can decorate it yourself. If you are not able to create your own walls and would like assistance, please contact me and I will endevour to make you a mesh wall decorating pack a.s.a.p.
  • Any furnished properties are supplied with the furnishings as is, so decide whether you like the furniture before renting.
  • Your rental prim allowance must not be used to rez items outside of the property you are renting and absolutely not a vehicle, vehicle licenses are sold separately. The only exceptions to this rule, is that I will allow you to use it for a hud that rezzes pose balls, such as the predator hud or to rez temporary props for your roleplay.
  • No trying to circumvent prim counts by any method, for example, adding a sub tenant, getting them to rez stuff, then removing them from the rent box, so that their prims are not counted. I do keep an eye on who has stuff rezzed on sim and ensure they are in the rental system and keep details of what sub tenants are on what rent box.
  • No trying to circumvent prim counts by using temp rezzers, temp rezzers cause significant lag on a sim and are banned.

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