There are various fairly priced rental opportunites in Wrong Turn City, below is the locations. Please note, that no editing rights will be given for adjusting wall textures, so the buildings are supplied as is, however you can add a few wall prims to decorate yourself, or I can create some mesh ones to send you. Building rentals do not allow for the rezzing of vehicles, vehicle licenses are sold separately. If you don't own any furniture, there are furnished properties available, if the property you like, doesn't come furnished, get in touch and I will sort something out for you.. Breedables are not permitted due to the lag they can cause. Some rentals such as the motels do not allow for the decor to be changed at all, so do read the info in the rental box before renting. If you require extra prims, it is a flat rate of L$2 per prim not matter what building it is. All prices shown are per week.


Dreary Lane

Fat Joe's Apartment

8 3 storey period brownstones, for a person who likes plenty of space to live in. Situated near services such as the post office and bank, these popular houses are up for rent for just L$200 for 100 Land impact.

Situated above the popular donut store, this 3 roomed well maintained apartment would suit a single person or couple alike. It features a large entrance hall, living/kitchen area, nicely sized bathroom and a bedroom all for L$200 and 100 Land impact.

Barber Shop Apartment

Bistro Apartment

Situated above a disused barber shop, this 1 roomed cosey apartment is in the middle of the high street. It can be yours for just L$120 and 60 Land impact.

In the newly developed Wrong Turn area of Justice Avenue, this quaint little single room apartment is above a disused  Bistro, overlooking Park Avenue, it is sure to please someone of discerning tastes, it can be yours for L$160 with a generous 80 Land impact.

Goon Street

Trailer Park

A rough area, with very shabby chic houses. Each house comprises of kitchen area, large lounge, bedroom, bathroom, a garage and a garden area. There are just 5 houses up for grabs. Yours for L$200 for 100 Land Impact.

Just off of Goon Street there is small trailer park, full of riff raff, but if you can put up with the neighbours, there are 3 trailers for rent. Each having a small bathroom, a bedroom and kitchen/lounge area. There are just 3 trailers available. Yours for L$200 and 100 Land Impact.

Honey Trap Hotel

Park Avenue

You can stay here, if you are really slumming it, each hotel room has an en-suite, built in kitchen, bed and couch. If you can put up with the fleas and flies this will cost you L$108 with 20 Land Impact to personalize, in one of the 3 available rooms.

A 2 floor apartment above a shop in the sought after area of Park Avenue, almost overlooking the park itself, this neat little apartment is furnished with a 20 Land Impact allowance for L$238.

Justice Avenue

New Forest Walk

6 Single room apartments are available overlooking City Hall, you are just a stone's throw away from the upper class park avenue. Cost L$160 with 80 Land Impact.

Behind City Hall, you have New Forest Walk, these beautiful 2 storey apartment buildings come with furnished and unfurnished options. Furnished will set you back L$300 with a 20 Land Impact allowance. Unfurnished are L$300 with a Land Impact of 150.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue 2

A mixture of furnished and unfurnished 3 storey town houses in this much sought after area of the city, unfurnished L$300 for Land Impact of 150. Furnished same price with 20 Land  Impact to decorate.

The same as the New Forest Walk apartments, these 2 storey buildings come with furnished and unfurnished options for the same price LS300 Furnished with 20 Land Impact and the same price L$300 unfurnished with 150 Land Impact.

District 2

Capone Street

Main Street

A three storey apartment block, with three one room apartments to rent. The rental charge is L$120 per week for 60 prims for each room or L$200 per week for 100 Land Impact.

Two Brownstones each with three floors for someone with lots of furniture, or someone who likes to spread things out with lots of space. The rental charge is L$200 for 100 Land Impact

The Motel

2 Colosimo Close

5 Furnished rooms with bed and couch, these rooms have no bathroom. Just L$75 with a 20 Land Impact allowance.

A two roomed apartment, situated above a store, it comes with 100 Land Impact for L$200 per week

3 Colosimo Close

5 Colosimo Close

A single roomed apartment above Randy's store. 80 Land Impact for L$160

A single roomed apartment for those on a tighter budget 60 Land Impact for L$120

10 Colosimo Close

Small Shack

Another single roomed apartment for those on a tighter budget 60 Land Impact for L$120 per week


3 Rooms with a garden and front gated patio, the Lucas Street Shack will suit someone who likes to sit both indoors and out. Yours with 100 Land Impact for L$200

Scrapyard House

Scrapyard House 2

Comprising of the house itself, a side shack and a hidden basement, this house is available to rent with 100 Land Impact for L$200, however it is seldom vacant.


A smaller house surrounded by trees for privacy, with a single room and outside toilet, it has an 100 Land Impact for LS200

Scrapyard Hut

Small Warehouse

The final in the scrapyard trilogy, this little hut costs L$124 with a Land Impact of 62

Kitted with RLV products, this small warehouse would suit a sinister character, it comes furnished with 20 Land impact for L$110


Empty Chair Penthouse

Sub Version

A two storey penthouse with large kitchen/living space, a bedroom and a bathroom, on the third floor of the Empty Chair, accessed by elevator which the floor can be locked to the tenant, this well furnished property will cost you L$500 with 20 Land Impact


Some unique rentals for those who enjoy living in an environment with a difference. They come furnished with a price of L$180 and 20 Land Impact

Cod Piece Apartment

Kingpin Hotel

A single roomed apartment for those on a tighter budget 80 Land Impact for L$160


6 Premium rooms with ensuite and shared guest lounge, furnished with high quality furniture, a room will set you back L$200 with 20 Land Impact

Business Opportunities

Like all rentals in Wrong Turn City, there is flat rate cost of L$2 to 1 Land Impact, business is exactly the same, the buildings below are not priced, since it would be impossible to know how much Land Impact each will need, therefore Land Impact and price will be tailored to individual needs.


Park Avenue Shop

A quaint little Bistro with large garden and pergola out back, at the end of Justice Avenue, it's facing Park Avenue so sure to attract a good clientele.


Small Shop in the middle of Park Avenue

High Street 1

Disused Launderette

Opposite the supermarket, this shady looking shop, will suit an equally shady business.

This 2 storey property, holds an opportunity for re-branding to an alternative business.

High Street 2

High Street 3

On The High Street, this small shop offers a great opportunity for a business of any kind.

Just opposite the diner, this ex boutique would make a fine purchase for someone.

High Street 4

High Street 5

As you tell the High Street is suffering due to Wrong Turn's poor economy, here is yet another shop up for grabs.

A Disused washing machine repair shop that could be re-branded to an alternative business.

High Street 4

Colosimo Close

A disused barber shop, if you can get the blood stains off the floor, you could re-open as a barber or something else.

An empty store with a back room for an office, the only vacant plot in District 2.

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