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BusterStoneheart Resident

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Michael Robert Turner

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Mick Turner; Mr T










Vain, Self Absorbed, Childish, Lothario

Role-play Details


No Age-play,

No Dismemberment of me or you

No Scarring unless agreed

No Death

No Power-gaming unless agreed

No Meta-gaming

Back Story

Born Michael Robert Turner on January 19th 1994, Mick was born out of wedlock to a mother who was a prostitute and father who was her pimp and a drug dealer. Neither of his parents really had any time to give Mick attention, but he managed to brush it off and developed into quite a well adjusted human being considering.


When he was 13, social services intervened in is life, after someone tipped them off about his home situation, he was removed from his home and placed into foster care with a nice family.


Mick had a passion for football ever since he learned to kick a ball, yet he did not realize, just how good he was, that is, until he reached age 16 and he was spotted playing football in a park, by a Wrong Turn City football club scout, visiting London. Mick didn't need much convincing to up sticks and move abroad. His foster parents were cautious, ensuring both the scout and the offer he was making was legitimate, once they were satisfied it was, they were pleased for him.


Mick remained something of a club protege ever since, not to mention a PR nightmare. Now center forward for the team as well as team captain, Mick has grown to feel enabled to just about anything he wants. The highest paid player on the team, he lives a playboy lifestyle, which often gets him into trouble. At age 23 he still has at least 10 years left to his career, whether or not Wrong Turn City will be able to maintain that career for him, is unknown. His knack for making headlines, usually bad ones, has left the club with many embarrassments.


When not playing football and training, Mick is not lost for things to do, he is sought after for press interviews, to appear on magazine covers and do occasional modelling work. He goes through women like most men go through underwear, often seen with a different girl on his arm each week. He has no morals and has been involved with many married women, for the thrill that he might get caught by their husbands.


His thrill seeking behaviour has landed him in trouble quite a few times, including one court case, yet he never seems to learn his lesson, but it mostly because it is a compulsion.


Mick's ideal woman, would be a bimbo, who is with him because he is famous and who will look the other way when it comes to his cheating, of course he has not found his ideal woman yet, but who knows what the future may bring.