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Frank Ziplon

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Joseph Carmichael

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Ruthless, Charming, Sexist

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No Age-play,

No Dismemberment of me or you

No Scarring unless agreed

No Death

No Power-gaming unless agreed

No Meta-gaming


Back Story

Born Joseph Frank Carmichael on 28th December 1981, Joey's childhood was not much unlike any other boy, growing up without a father, he was a loner for much of his youth, but held onto the stories his mother told him about his father. She of course romanticised the stories, because it was better than admitting he was the product of a short fling. Joey saw his absent father as some kind of hero, someone too important or famous to be able around, but as time went on, the stories grew old and even changed a little as his mother's lies were catching up with her.


When Joey was 10, his fortunes changed, as his mother married a wealthy man, some might argue, she had married the man, solely for his wealth, though she would always deny it. Joey soon found himself wanting for nothing, showered with gifts as the new step father tried to impress and please his wife, the end result being, Joey was enabled to become a spoilt brat.


Now attending a private school, where he didn't quite fit in, he was getting a better standard of education and suddenly despite his more common background, he was making friends, albeit even bigger brats than him.


Come his 18th birthday, Joey already had access to a substantial trust fund, which he wasted on gambling, girls and cars.


At 22 Joey's Stepfather died, leaving his entire estate to Joey's mother, she later passed away when Joey was 28 and naturally left everything to him. With more money than he dreamed possible, he lived a life of fast cars, even faster women and jet-setting across the world like an international playboy. It wasn't until a pregnancy scare, that Joey started to think about family and realize, he had none left, none aside from his mystery biological father, now 33 years old,  he hired to a private investigator to track down his father so he could find out more about him and decide whether to make contact.


The private investigator, came through and managed to track down one Frank Ziplon, Joey observed him for quite a while from a distance, but his surveyllance filled him with disappointment as he watched his father travel back and forth between two cities, his father seemingly obsessed with watching another man, perhaps another son, he failed to raise; Joey could see his father was a nobody, a drunk in fact, his roots firmly set in a morally deprived city named Wrong Turn. Joey decides his father isn't worth making contact with, perhaps if he hadn't of ended up part of a wealthy family, he would have seen things differently. Even though he had the means to turn his father's life around, he just didn't want to waste his money on him, the fantasy of who his father was, had finally been shattered, somehow Joey brushed it off, like it, just didn't matter and maybe to the person he had become, it didn't.


Joey never left Wrong Turn city, he saw it as place to settle, not because he could help the citizens who lived there, or make their lives better with his wealth, but because he liked the idea of being better than everyone else and in the case of  Wrong Turn city, that wasn't too difficult.


He convinced, some might say bribed, the mayor to sell the failing industrial area, that had been the bread and butter of many citizens's lives, Joey then had three of the warehouses converted, one of them into the home he now lives in, he continues to buy property as and when it becomes available, aiming to be the most powerful man in the city and drive the poor out completely.


Aged 36 now and owner of the King Pin Gentleman's club, Joey is still a ladies man, with a liking for women much younger than himself, he sees himself as something of a sugar daddy to them, when feeling generous. Joey likes to gamble, go to the gym and both bet on and fight in bare knuckle underground fight clubs, he is chauvinistic, narcissistic and generally quite selfish, though can be a charmer if he wants something, he looks down on Wrong Turn City from his converted warehouse, enjoying the suffering of its citizens, from afar, watching them go about their daily lives living in relative poverty, whilst gangsters turn the city into an even worse hell hole than it already is and the understaffed police  are powerless to enforce the law properly.


Wealth can often be used to enable others to improve their lives, despite on surface organizing charitable events and even sponsoring a homeless shelter, Joey Carmicheal has only self interest, to guide him, in all he does. Joey has taken no further interest in his father.