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Frank Ziplon

Jack Vincent Hardcastle

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Violent, Devious, Manipulative

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Born Jack Vincent Hardcastle, in east end London on March 15th 1972, Jack was no stranger to violence, he learned early on in life, that is was quicker to solve things with your fists. He left London in 1992 and arrived pretty much straight away in Wrong Turn City, where he fast became affiliated with the Don Constatine family. Jack started out as a bit of a lacky, but his talent for solving things with violence did not go unnoticed and he soon became the family's enforcer and 'problem solver'.


Soon after he became father to a bouncing boy, named Ronnie, but fatherhood did not tame Jack's temper, as time went on, he earned the nickname 'The Hammer' for his use of a sledgehammer when dealing with those who crossed the Don Constatine family. After many years he progressed into becoming a hitman for them.


In 2012 Jack was finally brought to justice for the rape and murder of a Wrong Turn City, city officials wife. The justice system being poor, he was sentenced for 25 years, with the chance of parole for good behaviour. Whilst inside, Jack's wife, denied him access to their son, informing Ronnie that his father had left them for another woman. Jack was determined to get out of prison, sooner rather than later, so he was the model prisoner, at least when the screws were looking.


Released early after a 15 year stretch, Jack has come back to Wrong Turn to build bridges with his estranged son Ronnie Hardcastle who he has not seen since he was 10 years old. Jack is a down to earth east end lad, though he is not to be trusted. He is rough and ready and has a short fuse. He tends to use women as needed and concetrate his full effort on building bridges with Ronnie, he is however, still affiliated with the Don Constatine family.