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Frank Ziplon

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Frank Michael Ziplon

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Mercenary, Soft Hearted, Determined

Role-play Details


No Age-play,

No Dismemberment of me or you

No Scarring unless agreed

No Death

No Power-gaming unless agreed

No Meta-gaming


Back Story

Born Frank Leo Ziplon to a happy couple on July 29th 1959, Frank grew up with a happy life, his parents were well suited, they always had enough love and attention for him and his youth was a happy one. Even at an early age, he knew what he wanted to be, he wanted to be a soldier. Frank never lost sight of that goal and at age 12, he became an army cadet. He took to it, like a duck to water and by the time he reached 16, he enlisted as a soldier. By age 24, he had moved onto the SAS where he learned a great deal more than he learned in the army alone. Frank was discharged from the SAS when he was 35, the official story is unknown, however rumour has it, he became involved with a fellow soldier.

Once he left the special forces, he vowed to use the skills he had learned, for whatever he could. He was approached by a government agency, to work for a top secret agency of mercenaries. He leapt at the chance.


When he was 45 he was sent on a mission that did not set well with him, the capture of a doctor and his young family, none the less, he did his duty. One of the two children, Eddie, escaped, although that was partly because Frank let him, the doctor was taken to a top secret laboratory to perform experiments he had refused to do willingly and the elder son was placed in the army.

Frank made this his last job and retired from the agency, he had made a few million over the years and this last job, tearing up a happy family, just pricked his conscience too much. He vowed to use his skills only for good here on out. He spent many years keeping an eye on Eddie, the boy he allowed to escape, Eddie was now living with his aunt and uncle, but after some time, he left the country for America. Frank followed, his conscience still giving him the urge to look out for the boy.


Eddie bounced around from city to city in the USA, Frank even lost track of him a couple of times, he eventually found him in a city called Dead End City, where he found Eddie standing on a bridge, ready to jump off. Frank stopped him and decided it was high time he took the boy under his wing.


Over the course of a year, Frank trained Eddie, in all the knowledge he knew, in hopes he would join him in the new business of helping clients, who need it. For a time things worked fine, even though it was clear, Eddie was a troubled boy. Eddies brother turned up eventually, he had been hunting the men who were responsible for destroying his family, his journey led him to both Frank and Eddie. Eddie was made aware of the truth and from that time, he planned his own revenge. Frank took everything he had, so he would take everything Frank had, using the very skills Frank had taught him.


Eventually Eddie's plan came to fruition, though he soon lost everything himself and suffered a breakdown. Frank saw an opportunity to make Eddie pay for his ingratitude, embittered by losing everything and because a situation had arose that caused Eddie to kill his own brother. Frank used the final of his money to pay a psychiatrist to wipe Eddie of all his memories, other than the one of killing his brother. The procedure worked and eventually Eddie was released without memory. Frank kept an eye on him still, hoping he was suffering.


It took four years for Frank to give up on his obsession with making sure Eddie was still without memory and living in misery. After that time he moved to Wrong Turn city, Wrong Turn city was lively, most people worked at the industrial estate, but disaster struck when the mayor for unknown reasons, closed down all the warehouses. Just two years after arriving Frank had to return to his mercenary ways to keep food on the table. Now aged 58, he has been working as a mercenary for 3 years, trying in-vain to accumulate a healthy bank balance for his retirement. He is still relatively physically fit, but yearns retirement so much. He works Ad hoc for a company with questionable ethics, but his main current job is on the building site in Wrong  Turn, where he is a hod carrier. Living in a one room apartment, he spends his spare time getting drunk. No longer does he have the luxury of Cuban cigars and single malts, instead it's cheap cigars and cheap whiskey. He is still embittered by what Eddie did, though deep down there is still a heart of gold.