District 2

District 2 is the dodgy area of Wrong Turn City, despite a police presence, crime is rife. You are 10 times more likely to be attacked in district 2 than in district 1. With the recent fire at the old Kingpin, the homeless shelter that use to be above the Kingpin, is no more, the homeless tend to sleep rough, either in empty warehouses or empty buildings. Many parts of district 2 are even avoided by the police, so if you settle down here, do so with caution. Below is a list of District 2 venues, in no particular order.

Ball Breakers Bar

Gas 'n' Go Gas Station

The biker bar was built in the early 80s, named because it, in the early days hosted many a pool tournament, it replaced a dilapidated community hall which use to reside by the church. It was put up for sale after it's original owner died in 2015. Owners have tended to come and go since, due to the violence that can take place in the club among rival biker gangs, it is not a venue for the weak hearted.

The gas station has been around as long as the city itself, most sensible people will make it their one and only stop in the city, before driving away.

The Building Site

WT All Saints Church

On the site of the old Kingpin, the building site remains inactive, City Hall is yet to approve a new building for the site, the plot owned by Joey Carmichael, the owner of the Kingpin, is constantly putting forward ideas to city hall, who remind him, that he was sold the site for the new Kingpin, on condition, he builds a new homeless shelter. There is a stalemate going on between Joey Carmichael and City Hall.

Dating back to well before World War 1, it is unknown just how old the Wrong Turn All Saints church is, the Priest Father O'Reily was recently arrested and charged with the arson of the old Kingpin building, he had strong beliefs about the 'house of sin' as he called it. There has been no new priest assigned to the church.

The Cod Piece - Fish & Chip Shop

ABSolutely Gym

This badly named fish and chip shop, is a little piece of Britain, introduced to the city in the late 90s and hidden behind the mechanics garage, a British immigrant decided visitors from the UK might just want a a little reminder of home. The shop takes good business from tourists and locals alike.

Residing inside an old refurbished warehouse, visit the gym to work up a sweat, do some boxing, weight lifting and other exercises or spend some time in the hot tubs with friends, just relaxing.

The Wrong Turn Hospital

The Kingpin Gentleman's Club

Built in the early 60s, the hospital is looking pretty worn out, but it has modern equipment and staff will be on hand whether you have an in-grown toe nail or a more serious injury.

Retaining it's original name, the new Kingpin Gentleman's Club, brings a little class to an otherwise seedy end of the city. The club which is actually so much more than a gentleman's club, includes pole and lap dancers, a lounge bar, a small private casino and three floors of hotel rooms selling at $300 per night. The club has a formal dress code and attracts the Wrong Turn Elite, as well as travelling businessmen.

The Massage Parlour

Greasy's Diner

Down the seedy end of the city, lies the massage parlour, it offers extra relief to traveling businessmen and residents alike, often the victim of police raids, with claims it offers other services too, the parlour has been around about 20 years. The current owner has failed to name it, though some say that is deliberate due to its past reputation.

A throwback from the 50's, Greasy's diner offers a good selection of food, if you don't mind clogging up your arteries. The staff are friendly, if not overworked, but the service leaves a lot to be desired.

The Autoshop


Broken down? Come here and get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible, then if you know what is good for you, you will move on. You are likely to get shafted on prices, but hey, it's the only Auto repair shop for miles.

Need a driver's license? Simply need to renew one? The staff here are a bit dodgy, bung them the right amount of cash and you will get a license without having to take any kind of a test.

The Mini Mall

The Public Toilets

Emphasis is definitely on the word 'mini' with this store, though it stocks most of the essentials you are likely to run out of. Open 24 hours a day, the store is robbed at least once a week, it's a wonder they make any money.

You would definitely need to be desperate to use these unisex public toilets. Hygiene standards are non existent and you may receive an unwelcome offer or two from the lowlifes who linger around them.

The Scrap Yard

The Police Station

Some people say the screams are just the machinery at work, others are not so sure. One thing is for certain, nothing good can come from visiting the Wrong Turn City Scrap yard. The original owner went missing two years ago, he is assumed dead. People who move into one of the three properties on this plot, tend to be a little shady, to say the least.

Like the hospital, the police station was built in the 60s, it is run down, understaffed and the few police that work there can be as dodgy as the criminals they catch.

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2

One of the cities oldest warehouses, but its history has become lost, it's dark, it's creepy and mostly used by drug dealers and homeless people these days.

Being in an area of the city that even the police avoid, warehouse 2 is a hub for gang activity, forever on the market, the city is unable to offload the warehouse onto somebody else for redevelopment, it doesn't help that estate agents are afraid to show prospective buyers around.

Warehouse 3

The Wrong Turn Times

Some of the younger newly unemployed warehouse workers commandeered this warehouse early on, they formed a gang, known as the 'Son's of Violence', it is not known how the name originally came about, but they certainly live up to their name. Bare knuckle fights in a makeshift boxing ring are arranged on a weekly basis, the only rules are there are no rules.

Its intrepid staff work tirelessly to report all that happens in the city, of course, it is not a job for the faint-hearted. Wrong Turn's citizens are very private and usually with good reason. Reporters often disappear, maybe they moved on, or maybe something else happened, your guess is as good as mine.

Little Asia

A town within a city, Little Asia is a hub of activity, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a friendly place to visit to get your takeaway food and enjoy the environment, which brings a splash of colour to an otherwise dismal city, but it's what goes on behind the scenes which should be cause for concern. Triad activity, people trafficking, prostitution and drug manufacturing are just a few of the rumours surrounding little Asia.


Little Asia was kindly integrated into a disused alleyway in Wrong Turn City by the joint efforts of Romeras and Mikeonoff, I will be forever grateful for their contribution.

The Empty Chair Cafe

May Contain Nuts Porn Studio

Housed in a three story building, this is a humble little cafe ,serving fine food and drinks, but what goes on behind the scenes is very different.

Ever dreamed of being a porn star? Probably not! It is said that most who work here didn't have that career in mind either and that they work there under duress.

SubVersion BDSM Club

This secret little club is hidden deep below the Empty Chair cafe, it's the one place where class has no meaning, rich and poor alike mix, acting out their perverted fantasies.

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