District 1

District 1 is the safer area of Wrong Turn City, of course bad things do happen there sometimes, but rare compared to district 2. Largely a residential area, district 1 is a mix of posh and grunge, City hall did embark on a regeneration project, hence the posh area, however they faced obstacles and eventually ran out of money, so just a stones throw from the posh area, is a slum. Below is a list of district 1 venues.

City Hall

The WTC Library

Doubling as the courthouse, City Hall is one of the largest buildings in Wrong Turn City, It is where you find the office of the Mayor among other things. The court system is stretched to its limit, what with all the crime that takes place in Wrong Turn City.

Built in the early 60s, the WTC Library is looking worse for wear, but its stock is up to date and it has internet access as well as all the latest book releases.

Twin Peaks Cafe

PEB Money

Built during the cities regeneration project, the Twin Peaks cafe and bar is both down to earth and a little posh, it serves both middle class and upper class clients with a smile, though does frown upon the odd few of the lower classes that tend to drop by, however they do get served.

For all your financial needs, considering how many times this bank has been robbed, it is a wonder they have any money left. Need a loan? You better have good credit history, maybe you want to buy your home, it is something the city encourages, whatever you need, PEB Money has financial advisors ready.


Drab Cabs

Manny's motorcycle repair shop is one of the older buildings in district 1, the service is friendly, well so long as you don't question the ethics or prices. One of the few places open 24/7 in Wrong Turn City, you'd be forgiven for thinking more than motorcycle repair takes place.

The Cities cab service, don't expect them to take the short route for your journey, these cabbies are hell bent on making their living, it is rumoured that not all passengers arrive at their destination, but the police in this city, don't listen to rumours, so there is no investigation.

Turn Heads

The Diner

Its owner long since left for New York, Turn Heads still continues to serve the citizens of Wrong Turn with its Salon and Spa. Need your hair or nails done, drop by, you will find some of the friendliest staff in Wrong Turn City as well as catch up on all the gossip.

Nobody knows what it is called, so it is just referred to as 'the diner', maybe someday an owner will name it. The food isn't exactly gourmet, but it is edible. Frequented by builders and businessmen alike, the diner manages to do a good business and is one of the few places in WTC to avoid robbery.

Fat Joe's


Got a sweet tooth? Then pop over to Fat Joe's Donuts, they are sure to have something to satisfy that craving. The donuts are premium in quality and surprisingly low in price, which probably explains why the busniess is struggling. Fat Joe himself remains illusive, but maybe one day you will catch sight of him.

If gambling is your vice, you've come to the right place. This petit little turf accountant will keep you happy for hours on end, no matter what you want to bet on, you can gaurantee they will have odds. Need a tab, that's fine too, but fall behind on repayments and you might find yourself in a bad situation.

Candy Shop

Honey Trap Hotel

This sweet, little sweet shop will rot your teeth with all the delights inside. Rumour has it, that it stocks 'special' candy which will give you a very special kind of high.

Monstly frequented by prostitutes and their Johns, this disgusting little hotel is not somewhere you want to take your honey, the flea ridden beds and fly filled fridges is enough to put most people off, yet the rooms remain filled most of the time.

Matt's Tatts

Wrong Turn FC

Squeezed in between the bank and the looking glass towers, this out of place little building is the place to go, if you dream of having a tattoo.

If you follow European Football, this is the place to go, WTC FC somehow manages to keep in the premier league, it's players are all about the game, the money, the cars and the girls, with most drama taking place off pitch.

Post Office

Looking Glass Towers

Okay, it's a little old fashioned to use snail mail, but it has its uses, if you need to send a parcel, get currency exchange or if you have poor credit history, you can even get a basic bank account here.

With one empty building, the other houses Carmichael Consolidated businesses, including Carmichael Travel, Carmichael payday loans and debt collection as well as Carmichael construction.

Goon Street


The residential slum area of Wrong Turn City's district 1

It might be self service, but its staff have eyes like a hawk.

The Wolf & Lamb

Ray's Pizza

A quiet local pub, frequented mostly by residents of Dreary Lane and goon street, a lot of dodgy business deals are struck here.

In a little nook behind the supermarket, this popular little pizzeria serves the best pizza in the city, that said, it is the only pizza place in the city.

The Trailer Park

One of the more dangerous places in district 1, situated just beyond Goon Street, it is home to some of the worst of the worst

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