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BusterStoneheart Resident

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Luke Jason Stoneheart

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Buster Stoneheart










Predatory; Sociopathic; Sadistic; Racist

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No Age-play,

No Dismemberment of me or you

No Scarring unless agreed

No Death

No Power-gaming unless agreed

No Meta-gaming


Back Story

Born Luke Jason Stoneheart, on December 5th 1995 in London, Buster is one of three brothers, with an identical twin Liam and younger brother Lee as his siblings. It is unknown how the nickname Buster came about and Buster himself seldom speaks of it. Growing up, he was naturally inseparable from his twin and the younger brother didn't get much of a look in. His mother use to joke she had given birth to the new Kray twins. Raised as racists by a neo-nazi drunken father, the twins were soon terrorizing the neighbourhood. By age 12, soft drugs were already a part of their daily lives. They Received their racist markings at just aged 13 courtesy of a tattoo artist friend of their father, social services soon became a part of their daily lives.


Buster's father left his mother for another woman when he was aged 14, this hit him hard, as his father was his only real role model. Neither of the twins would admit they missed their father and life went on, with them both going further and further off the rails.


Drink, violence and drugs, both dealing and taking, had become part of daily life for the twins. It wasn't long after that armed robbery followed and people started to get really hurt, most of the attacks on small corner shops ran by minority groups, so whether it was more motivated by racism, than about making money, is open to opinion.


The reign of terror went on for quite some time, the twins earning respect of unscrupulous peers, nobody would ever name them in the robberies for fear of reprisal.


Managing not to get caught and not to be named through their reign of fear, seemed to be the speciality of the twins, even involving the third brother when needed, mostly as a lookout at first.


Something went wrong at age 18, Buster will never mention the reason he left his life in the UK, nor how he came to arrive across the ocean in the somewhat remote, small city of Wrong Turn, but he became estranged from his family and especially his twin.


Buster's time in Wrong Turn has been spent doing drug dealing, robbery, home invasion, race crimes and some other activities which are just petty crimes. He has been arrested several times and done a short spell in prison, in the short time he has been there.


He is unbeknown to the police, responsible for various sex crimes as well as two murders.


More recently he spent some time in an institution after a breakdown, he was diagnosed as a borderline socio-path, he was prescribed medication for his breakdown, but slipped through the net, on the sociopath side of things and was released.


The medication did mellow him, but in the New Year of 2017, due to the side effects, he decided to stop taking them. Is he back to his old ways? Find out in role-play!