Wrong Turn City


Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances, Wrong Turn City, must close down for a while. I don't anticipate it being more than 8 months. If you are a member of the group, do remain in it, as I will announce Wrong Turn's return with a group notice. My personal thanks go out to all who have been involved with the city.


For hundreds of years, Wrong Turn City was a thriving industrial hub, it is said that Al Capone himself, visited the city quite frequently and even ran one or two of his operations from there, though others argue this heritage was made up in an effort to encourage tourism during a dark financial period. Most embrace the heritage, with many of the street names named after famous gangsters from the era.


As the years went by, the city struggled and factory after factory closed down until eventually the industrial area came to a complete stand still and its warehouses were sold off to the highest bidders. Housing prices dropped to an all time low and with very little in the way of the job prospects, its citizens left the city in hoards to find prospects elsewhere. Some did remain in hopes of a miracle, but their hopes became dashed by the relative poverty they were now living in.


A new class of citizen started moving into the city, people who would only choose to live there out of pure desperation and because it was so cheap. Mayor after Mayor would try to regenerate the city, try and bring back its lost charm and industry, only to be faced with failure after failure. The empty warehouses that weren't purchased from the city became a hub for street gangs and drug dealers and the city in general just seemed to attract the worst of the worst and the most desperate of the desperate.


The city's few elite try relentlessly to drive out the poor and the lowlifes in order to start anew, believing the real option for the city is a clean slate, to be demolished and rebuilt brick by brick, but of course city officials are unwilling, due to cost, to even entertain the idea.


Murder, rape, robbery and other heinous crimes are at an all time high, with the already struggling police force understaffed and unable to cope. Of course not everybody in Wrong Turn City is bad, there are some decent people living there too, people who have come to the city because there is nowhere else to go, or because they are running from something, sometimes even their own past.


If you have arrived at Wrong Turn City, you should seriously consider turning your car around, now, before it's too late, because if you don't, you may get sucked into the endless moral void that is Wrong Turn City.



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